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Dedicated Ontario Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be a difficult process. Whether there’s agreements or disagreements, you can benefit from the guidance from a divorce attorney. We ensure that you understand the process and that your rights are defended every step of the way.

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Divorce Lawyer & Family Law Attorney

Divorce isn’t easy. Choosing a divorce lawyer isn’t either. When searching for a divorce attorney, you’re looking for a someone who can protect and secure your assets, finances, and reputation. You’re looking for someone who is assertive and firm, but caring and compassionate, ready to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. You’re looking for a trusted legal advisor to help guide you through this arduous process with confidence, expertise, and professionalism. You’re looking for Matthew Sheasby.

Matthew Sheasby provides the best legal representation, advice, and strategies for your divorce, separation, child custody or any other family law matter.

Experienced & Trusted

With over 20 Years of Experience as a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist, Matthew Sheasby provides you with compassionate, empathetic legal support and representation to our clients. We’re understanding about the circumstances of divorce, taking consideration all the difficulties that come with divorce and how it affects you, your family, and people around you. We’re here to help!  Years of experience have given us the insight and strategies that will provide the best outcome for you and your family.

  • 20+ Years of Experience
  • Board Certified Family Law Specialist
  • Aggressive & Compassionate
  • Dedicated Expert Negotiator
  • Fair & Reasonable Rates

Dedicated Professional Representation

The goal is divorce is to reach an agreement with your spouse. Sometimes those agreements can become heated and prolonged. In these cases, you want a lawyer who is expert negotiator AND an expert in the law. We’ll defend your rights.  With emotions running high with so many people, we can explain the law to you and help you make reasonable, smart choices to these challenges. Whatever the challenge, Matthew Sheasby provides you with dedicated professional representation.

Respected Family Law Attorney

Many members of your family are affected by divorce, separation, child custody cases. We understand this. Matthew Sheasby fights for your rights, but we don’t ignore the emotional side of divorce. We help you understand the process and focus on the end goal. Divorce can cause lots of strain, especially when there are children involved. We help mitigate that by giving your strategies and helping you look at the bigger picture. As trying as it is, we can help you through you divorce, no matter what your situation is. We have the experience and knowledge of the law to guide you through it in a respectful, straight-froward manner.

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Practice Areas

DivorceWith a reputation as an aggressive divorce trial attorney and a history of success in high conflict, high asset divorce cases, Matthew Sheasby is the advocate you want on your side.

Family LawFamily law is complex in the State of California, where Matthew Sheasby has been practicing for over 20 years, put our experience to work for your case.

Estate Planning

Let us help plan you and your family's future security with our expertise in estate planning, helping you balance your health care needs, assets and investments, and more.


When it comes to probate, we believe peace of mind is invaluable. We will ensure your wishes are carried out accurately and completely.

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